RECCO is an avalanche rescue system for use within ski patrolled areas. RECCO reflectors are often on clothes, boots and helmets. The reflectors do not send out a signal when buried in an avalanche they merely reflect a signal back to a RECCO detector to enable a rescuer to find buried people quicker. Commercial ski areas are regularly patrolled and maintained by avalanche control teams. This means it is very rare for avalanches to happen within commercial ski areas, however it is possible.

Anyone planning off piste or backcountry adventures should not rely on the RECCO system!! Never go in an out of bounds area unless you are travelling with others, have all the recommended avalanche rescue equipment and are confident in avalanche conditions and rescue procedures.

RECCO was invented at the Royal Institute of Technology in Stockholm in the late 70's. It is a tried and tested method of avalanche rescue that compliments all other known methods well. It is used by the majority of ski resorts in the world.

When purchasing new snowboarding gear it is a good idea to get items with RECCO reflectors attached. In the unlikely event of an avalanche at a resort it may just save your life, survival chances are greatly increased if you are found within 15 minutes.