About the Kea

Kea are a parrot species found only on New Zealand’s South Island. They are a browny green colour with bright red under their wings. These little monsters like to cause havoc in Alpine resort car parks where they can entertain the crowds with their monkey like antics.

The Kea are a protected species, that are considered to be one of the most intelligent birds in the world. Their social and inquisitive nature means they are happy to hang out and have fun amongst the resort crowds. It can be very entertaining watching them tear the rubber seals from car windows and rip up windscreen wipers, providing it's not your car. But beware as they are not just partial to cars they also have a habit of stealing anything that is not tied down. Don't take your eyes off your hats and gloves.

For more information on how to act around Kea visit the Department of Conservation website: www.doc.govt.nz

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Kea in Treble Cone car park Kea walking through car park Kea close up

Video of Kea attacking a car