Choosing A Snowboard

Choosing a snowboard is an important task that requires some time and plenty of research. Before you start you need to know your height and your weight, your riding level and the types of terrain you are likely to be riding.

Many riders will prefer to have 2 or 3 boards for different conditions. For example I am 5’4½” And within the average weight range for my size. I would ideally own 3 boards a 148 for jibs, tricks and hard terrain. A 152 for average conditions all mountain riding and a 156 for those deep deep powder days. In many circumstances it is not convenient to carry 3 boards everywhere, check the conditions and style that you are likely to be riding before you leave home.

After you have considered these questions you will have to work out what is best for you. For the beginners out there I would probably go with the mid size board for all mountain riding. Some hire shops and retailers will offer you a board that, when stood on it’s end, comes between your chin and nose. Don’t forget to check your weight, if you are above or below average for your height you will need a longer or shorter board. Most boards will have a weight chart stuck onto them in the shops, it is worth going and having a look at some. Remember to take into account any equipment that you may carry with you as this will add to your weight, particularly if you're considering backcountry riding.

Another factor that needs to be checked out is your foot size, when you stand on a board in your normal stance you should be aware of overhang at the front and back of the board, toe and heel drag can cause no end of problems for your riding style. You should have no more than ½” overhang, if there is more than that look for a wider board.

There are many different technologies available on the market from the different manufacturers. You are likely to come across terms such as, magnatraction, triple base technology, twin tip, slimewall, flex, pop and many others. Make sure you visit plenty of shops and websites and ask as many questions as you need to. Most shop assistants know about the various technologies available and should be able to explain them to you. Checking the manufacturers websites is also a good idea before you buy, as they will have plenty of infomation on their newly available technologies.

Choosing a snowboard is not a straight forward task, make sure you take your time and do as much research as you can, it will be worth it.