Avalanche Rescue Dogs

Avalanche dogs and their handlers go through rigorous training and regular validation in order to practice as a search and rescue avalanche dog team. The handlers must have good skiing abilities and the dogs must be very well trained. Most begin training as puppies and will spend years working on the slopes. Avalanche dogs are used in mountainous regions around the world working to find and save victims buried in the snow. This is a very tough but rewarding job for both dogs and their handlers, they deserve recognition for the great work they do.

Murdoch one of Fernie's Avalanche Rescue Dogs

The picture above is of Murdoch, one of Fernie’s avalanche rescue dogs. RCR who run the resort use rescue dogs such as Murdoch for avalanche rescues in and out of bounds. As well as responding to emergency calls you may also be able to see them taking part in their regular training sessions and occasional demonstrations throughout the resort. There are currently 3 avalanche rescue dogs working with their owners on Fernie alpine resort keep your eye out for them if you visit the resort. Murdoch and his owner are registered with the Canadian Avalanche Rescue Dog Association.